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Snell House Foods provides a delicious, unsweetened and gluten free selection of food products that you can feel confident serving to your family and friends. Made with ingredients that are as good and natural as what you would use yourself. 



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  • […] a great find from Snell Foods! This is the first time I have tried their Salad Dressing, I bought their Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette and paired it with the Roasted Root Vegetable recipe […]
  • I attended the Perth Garlic Festival and fell in love with  your garlic sauce.  Unfortunately, I only bought 1 bottle and left for the United States.  Waiting a year to acquire another would be terrible.
  • You were absolutely right! You’re garlic balsamic dressing is a huge hit with me. I’ve emptied this jar already! I’m amazed how versatile this dressing is. I’ve used it on so many of my dishes which led me to running out.
  • In this week’s CSA allotment from Rochon Gardens we received your Garlic salad dressing….and I have to tell you, that in the past 3 days we have already used up half a bottle. What a great accompaniment to the fresh greens and veg from our allotment. Gee this stuff is amazing!!! I am so glad this was included in our “Eggs and More” and I look forward to purchasing more
  • I thought that I would take a moment to pass along my appreciation for the amazing garlic salsa that I purchased from you, as it was so good, that I completely devoured the entire jar myself, within a week! It was amazing! I do eat lots of salsa anyway, however I couldn't stay away from that jar...... So keep up the great work!! I've checked out your website, and know where more of this delicious garlic salsa can be purchased, and I certainly plan to purchase more, for sure.

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  • Welcome to the new look
    Welcome to the new look

    Snell House Foods began in 2007 at the Perth Garlic Festival as ‘Snell House Dressings’ because at the time,...



  1. Linda Griffiths 11 months ago

    Is there a part of your website I am missing. I see the products as part of recipes but not just the various products standing alone. I am trying to find the gluten free products on behalf of a friend, but can’t isolate the products to see which are gluten free.

    • Liz Snell 11 months ago

      Hi Linda,

      My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. There is a products tab from which you can see each of the products individually, right next to the “Home” tab. However, I am happy to let you and your friend know that all of our products are gluten free. I hope to see you both at a farmers market or you can pick up some of the products at stores in Ottawa, listed under the Product Finder tab. You can also schedule an appointment for curbside pick up at our commercial facility, ProKitchen, 5340 Canotek Rd #21.
      I hope this helps.

  2. kenny 9 months ago

    Hi do you have a lot of the vegan Caesar dressing in stock?

    Thank you

  3. kathy hill 4 months ago

    Hi Karen
    we met you at the Navan Fair this past summer
    my vegan daughter loves the No Chick! Vegan Chicken Bouillon powder and the Cesar Salad Dressing
    how can we purchase more ??

    • Liz Snell 3 months ago

      Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for your kind comments – I’m so glad your daughter loves the products. We will be back at the Navan Market on April 25. Also you can schedule curb-side pickup at ProKitchen, our commercial facility, unit 21, 5340 Canotek Rd (near Montreal Rd and the Queensway). I’m in the kitchen Mon – Wed usually 11 – 4, but making an appointment in advance is best (via text 613-724-6939 or e-mail Both these products are also available at the Dessureault Your Independent Grocer, at Orleans & Jean D’Arc Blvds. You’ll find them at the salad bar right inside the entrance.
      I hope this helps and look forward to seeing you again in Navan.

  4. Louise Lavictoire 3 months ago

    what is your address in Ottawa

    • Liz Snell 3 months ago

      We are located at unit 21, 5340 Canotek Rd, Gloucester.

  5. Heather Colls 1 month ago

    Yes Perth, and we were there also and got the first if what you had, now yesterday got my usual Shy Salsa, love it as not hot and taste everything in it. Will be trying both of your new BBQ sauces. Looking forward to them. Was surprised that no labling as to how much of anything on these bottles. Husband a new insulin dependent person so watch very carefully of what I buy now, gave thrown out sauses tgat have too high of sugar, carbohydrates. I have to as he just eats it.

    • Liz Snell 3 weeks ago

      Hi Heather,

      So glad you love the Shy Salsa and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten the nutritional ingredients on the website or the label yet. You can rest assured that none of our products have any added sugar, honey, maple syrup or other sweeteners. At the market you have noticed that I do have the nutritional values on my table covering at the booth. I hope to get them up on the website shortly. The BBQ sauce has 3g of carbs (from the pears), 135mg sodium and 15 calories per table spoon. I hope this helps.
      Thanks for reaching out.

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